…Or your worth, or anything else about you that truly matters. You can be overweight and very fit.  You can be skinny and also in good health. 

Listen to your body. Make smart decisions. Choose health. Choose to move and to nourish your body with foods rich in the things it needs to carry you through your day, week, year, life. This ain’t rocket science people, but it’s also not solely determined by some unit of measurement that only tells you the mathematical relationship between your body and gravity. That’s it. Not what a kind and helpful person you are, not what a great motivator you can be, and not how much you love everyday.  

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7 Reasons Why Les Mills Body Combat is a cardio workout I’ll never miss- with video

Y’all.  I LOVE my Body Combat by Les Mills.  If you haven’t tried it before, you should.  I know what you’re thinking; “It looks completely insane!”,  “I’m not really into kick boxing or even that coordinated, so this isn’t something I would like”, or “Body what?  Les who?”  So let me start from the beginning for those uninitiated with the  Les Mills brand.


Les Mills started in New Zealand a couple of decades or so ago, and their mantra was that they wanted to help fight obesity across the world.  Noble, I dig it.  The company was started by a guy named, wait for it… Les Mills.  And it’s a family biz, but it’s gone global and viral and you basically can’t go to a gym anywhere that doesn’t offer Les Mills classes.  That’s where I discovered them.  The classes range across all types of workouts from a yoga / mat Pilates spinoff they call “Flow”, to a strength training class they call “Body Pump”, to a spin class called “RPM”, and essentially everything in between.  I really dig Les Mills because you can go into a class with a specific purpose, like “I need to burn 600 calories in the next 50 minutes” or “I really need to focus on building some lean muscle”, and you can essentially pick which class to attend based on that desired outcome.  Also, the routines that are set to awesome music which help you forget you are working out, and the group fitness aspect keeps you motivated.  At least it helps me feel better when I can see my neighbor is straining just as much as as I am…  Les Mills workouts can be as hard or easy as you make them based on your effort and the amount of weight you use. The instructors in my experience are really good about showing you alternative techniques if you need them, like low impact options if you have a bum knee like me.

So, now that you are schooled on what Les Mills actually is (and no, I don’t work for them I’m just a huge fan because it works), I can tell you about why Body Combat RULES.  Continue reading

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If you TRY, you CAN’T FAIL!

I needed some motivation today. 

The hardest part of starting and sticking with it in the first few days and weeks are thinking “I can’t”, “I’m not strong enough”, or “It’s too hard”. 


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Desk Job Death: Staying active when you sit on your bum all day

So, you’ve made it through the holidays and made some resolutions to get back into shape / maintain your progress / start fresh in fitness.  And then you get to work and BAM!  10,000 emails need your attention, your VM box is full, and you’ve got deadlines looming already.  That’s what happened to me!  I ended up working late almost every day this week and when I got home I had just enough energy to eat some dinner, chill with the husband for about an hour and say hello for the first time that day, and get ready for bed to do it all over again!  Exercise happened only once this week.  It felt good, and I was glad to be starting on the right track and sticking to my goals. But it was daunting to squeeze another obligation into my already busy day.  I am ashamed to say that one day I didn’t even have the energy to eat a proper dinner, and was so hungry by the time I got home at 7:00pm I just ate junk that was fast, easy, and filled the hole in my stomach.  I was passed out in bed before 9:00pm, feeling like crap.  Bye bye resolutions!  You made it 48 hours before you died.  At least it was quick.  Happily, I’ve been mulling over the issue and came to some fixes I think will work.  I just need to make sure that on busy work days, I have to get in some exercise during the day when I can.  There’s a few easy ways I (and you!) can accomplish that.  Continue reading

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Eno River State Park

Last week, a few days before the New Year, my husband and I went to Eno River State Park which spans across Orange and Durham counties, NC.  The Eno River is a very old river, and is mired in history and beauty. The remnants of old grist mills that used thrive here still line the river, and before that it is said that many various tribes of Native Americans used to wander these banks and live along the Eno.  It’s got very interesting topography, with huge boulders along the trail; some covered in a soft carpet of green moss, others with jagged cuts and sharp angles.  Some are as large as a car and others are smaller, piled up in the river itself creating chutes and crevices for the fish and mollusks.  This could be really fun to kayak… (note to self, get kayaks SOON!).


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Continue reading

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Inspiring fitness blogs I love

Starting off in the fitness blogging world and on my own transformation journey, I’m looking for some inspiration like this! Anyone have additions to this list?



I’ve recently been feeling extremely demotivated about achieving my goals and it’s safe to say I’ve definitely gone off track over the past two months…(oops). Luckily though there are some fantastic blogs out there which have encouraged me to get back off my arse again.

Here’s a pick of some of my favourites….

Vivianna Does Makeup

VDM was one of the first blogs I discovered when I found the world of blogging. In the past it has mainly focused on beauty (clues in the name) however over the past 18 months Anna has delved more into fitness and shared her journey with us. In the ‘Fitness Files’ series Anna has shared her favourite workout songs, healthy recipes, favourite gym wear and more. Great to follow on snapchat – Anna isn’t afraid to share her sweaty workouts but caution : you’ll end up wanting to buy the whole of Lulu Lemon.

Zanna Van…

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No Regerts!

Alrighty then. My first blog. In case you don’t get the headline, it’s a reference to that movie where the idiot gets the tattoo “No Regrets” but it’s spelled wrong.  I feel like it really embodies where I’m at right now.  Always on the brink, ready to take some kind of leap of faith to change my direction and finally find contentment in everyday life. Continue reading

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