01a22b7c7d9e20c0c8cf9d423fe3ebfd797b47bf28Welcome to Solasta Health & Fitness , a healthy living blog.  I’m Christina, a fitness / outdoor adventure / travel blogger (and if that wasn’t a thing, it is now!).

My goals through blogging about health and fitness are to share my ever-evolving fitness journey with my readers, including all of the tips, tricks, hurdles, success stories, and advice that come along with transforming your lifestyle and body to become a healthier and happier “you”.  I’ve always been inspired reading about how others have overcome the trials of staying fit while living a busy life, and so I’m hoping my readers can likewise find inspiration in my own stories.

Another passion of mine, which to me goes hand-in-hand with physical fitness, is the importance of participating in activities that maintain mental fitness and clarity.  This is where traveling and outdoor adventuring enter the story.  Through blogging about my attempts to get outside and have some new experiences, from leisurely day trips in the car to hiking, kayaking, and biking around my native state of North Carolina, I hope to impart the importance of spending time outdoors as an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle.  In this blog, I will compile my favorite places to explore, learn, and adventure throughout the state of NC and surrounding areas.  So keep your eyes peeled!

Let’s see… other things I love include fitness fashion (style doesn’t have to go out the window just because you’re in the woods or the gym), science, business, and environmental sustainability.  Follow me if you like those things too!  Also, please feel free to share your fitness, health, and adventuring stories in the comments on my blog posts.  I want to learn from your experiences!

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