Be kind to yourself

This is from a site I follow called Project Happiness. I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time lately, hence the major slack off in writing. I parted ways with Club Pilates in early March, and I was pretty sad about the whole thing. Since then I have been struggling to find another job. I’ve been kinda down lately. I’m trying to count my blessings every day, but it’s hard to not worry about finances and what we’re going to do if I can’t find something soon. And the stress has honestly affected my ability to keep pushing on my goals, and of course it takes a toll on everyone. I’m trying to use this situation as a motivator, and there are days I wake up feeling like there’s no point in trying… BUT!  That’s not me!  That’s not the way to deal with the tough things life throws at you. And I know this. I want to take the hard times and use the stress to forge myself into a stronger person, both inside and out. So here’s a little tidbit I found inspirational this morning. I hope you do to.  😊

Peace and love to you, and be kind to yourself!  You deserve it, you really do. 

“Your body believes everything you say to it. Make sure that’s a good thing- don’t let your mind bully your body!  

#WellnessWednesday: Wellness begins at a cellular level. In addition to giving your cells the proper nutritional and physical building blocks, being healthy requires us to be mindful of what we’re saying, thinking and feeling as well. Your body listens and reacts to everything that your mind says and negativity has been proven to bring down the human immune system. Today, activate ‘happy cells’ by embracing the positive. Deliberately focusing on good feeling thoughts allows your body’s cells to dance to their natural rhythm of wellbeing…”

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