…Or your worth, or anything else about you that truly matters. You can be overweight and very fit.  You can be skinny and also in good health. 

Listen to your body. Make smart decisions. Choose health. Choose to move and to nourish your body with foods rich in the things it needs to carry you through your day, week, year, life. This ain’t rocket science people, but it’s also not solely determined by some unit of measurement that only tells you the mathematical relationship between your body and gravity. That’s it. Not what a kind and helpful person you are, not what a great motivator you can be, and not how much you love everyday.  

About Christina

Just a girl with about a million different passions trying to find my way through life.
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  1. bgddyjim says:

    You’re right about the weight, in a way. There are three units of measure that matter: Two reside in one’s skull – just above the nose, the other is the lens of that camera you’re holding. A fourth could arguably be a mirror but the physics of that get a little tricky. Great post.

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    • Christina says:

      Thank you! Agree, it’s all about how you perceive yourself and how you feel. So many people think that the number staring back at them from the scale is telling them how healthy they are. It’s simply not true. How you think you look, how your clothes fit, how you feel, how happy you are, those kinds of things give you a better gage of your health than your weight.
      If you don’t have the “perfect” weight or “ideal” body shape, you can still be quite healthy and fit. And that deserves more attention at the end of the day! In my opinion anyway ;).

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